Identifying those who exemplify the very best in the profession of nursing; honoring their contributions to the nursing profession and the field of health care; recognizing the positive difference that they have made in the lives of their colleagues, patients, families, as well as the communities in which they live; celebrating the excellence and unique qualities of recipients; rewarding and acknowledging important contributions; engendering pride and excitement in the organization; inspiring and motivating future leaders.
Champion of Nursing Award – recognizes the contributions of an extraordinary leader or organization who is not a member of the nursing profession.

Advocacy Award – recognizes the individual registered nurse who embraces the role of advocate as part of his/her professional identity.

Early Career Nurse Leader Award, for significant accomplishments and contributions by emerging members of the nursing profession.

Professional Service Award recognizes outstanding achievement by a member of time and effort which result in the reinforcement of the positive role of Network through service to the community, their peers or the Network.

Distinguished Member Award recognizes extraordinary contribution by a member to the Network

Distinguished Partner Award recognizes an organization or an individual which has made a significant contribution to the Network