Filipino International Nursing Symposium

The special annual symposium featuring Filipino nursing experts from abroad, now in its fourth edition, holds immense importance as a platform for thought leadership and knowledge exchange within the nursing community. By bringing together leading academics, the symposium facilitates in-depth discussions on significant nursing and healthcare topics, fostering critical thinking and advancing the field.

The symposium’s role as a thought leadership showcase is paramount. It provides a forum for presenting concepts, practices, and issues in nursing. The conversations sparked during these events are provocative and unbiased, allowing attendees to explore diverse perspectives and challenge conventional wisdom.

Each year, distinguished speakers from various countries have graced the symposium, enriching the discourse with their expertise and insights. Despite disruptions caused by the pandemic, the symposium remains a beacon of excellence, adapting to virtual formats to ensure continuity and accessibility.

The symposium’s legacy is evident in its illustrious lineup of past speakers, including Professor Rozzano Locsin (2017), Professor Jordan Salvador (2018), and Professor Violeta Lopez (2019), whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the nursing profession. As the symposium continues into its fourth edition, it remains a cornerstone of nursing education, research, and practice, driving innovation and excellence in healthcare delivery.