Caring for Goodness

The Caring for Goodness program, a pioneering collaboration between the Filipino Nursing Diaspora Network and Shearwater Health, signifies a crucial leap forward in bolstering nursing development in the Philippines. Anchored by two integral projects, the program envisions a transformative impact on the country’s healthcare landscape.

The Emerging Clinical Nursing Education Series (ECNES) serves as a cornerstone, strategically designed to elevate the standard of clinical nursing education. By providing targeted workshops and seminars, ECNES is arming the next generation of Filipino nurses with practical skills and competencies essential for delivering high-quality patient care. This initiative not only addresses current gaps in clinical training but also ensures that nursing students and early-career professionals are well-prepared for the evolving healthcare landscape.

Complementing ECNES is the Visiting Professor Project, a platform fostering knowledge exchange and mentorship. This project invites Filipino nurses in the diaspora to contribute their global perspectives, expertise, and best practices to local institutions. By facilitating virtual and physical interactions between these visiting professors and their counterparts in the Philippines, the project not only enriches the academic environment but also provides invaluable mentorship opportunities for the local nursing community. Together, these projects under the Caring for Goodness program signify a commitment to shaping a robust future for nursing in the Philippines, driven by education, mentorship, and the collective expertise of the Filipino nursing diaspora.