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Welcome to the Filipino Nursing Diaspora (FiND) Network
We are thrilled to welcome you to the Filipino Nursing Diaspora (FiND) Network’s website. We are a professional organisation of Filipino nurses who live and work outside the Philippines. FiND Network is dedicated to harnessing the strength of Filipino nurses abroad. Though we were founded in Australia, our affiliates now span the globe particularly in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Australia/Oceania.
Filipino Nursing Diaspora Day 2022
Acknowledging the skill and passion of Filipino nurses who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure access to health care is available to all in our communities. Check the webinar proceeding.
What We Offer
We are a professional organisation of Filipino nurses who live and work outside the Philippines.
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Helping nurses/student nurses at various levels of their development. There are several levels of development in the nursing profession and every nurse can benefit from mentorship.
global advisors
Our advisory board is not the same as directors, but serve a different role, as a non-legal group of overseers, with significant backgrounds and experience in the nursing field.
Developing and promoting programs that meets the needs of filipino nurses

The Filipino Nursing Diaspora Day is celebrated on 7th May coinciding with the International Nursing Week (6-12 May) celebration.

In a series of webinars, Filipino nursing experts will share their research activities and findings. Moreover, the recordings of the webinars are available on the website, so every interested party can enjoy and rewatch the webinars at their own convenience.

Hosting a special annual symposium — currently on its third edition — featuring Filipino nursing experts from abroad. This thought leadership showcase brings together leading academics to present significant nursing and healthcare topics. The conversations are always provocative and offer an open and unbiased view of groundbreaking nursing concepts, practices and issues.
Present a world of opportunity.
When you give the gift of FiND Network’s membership, you’re helping someone you care about build a platform for success.

Now is a great time to give the gift of FiND Network membership, as the recipient will gain immediate access to the valuable benefits and features of FiND Network’s membership that lasts through the end of June 2023.

This year’s celebration of the International Nurses Day (May 12) and the Filipino Nursing Diaspora Day (May 7) comes with an important call to action: to invest in nursing.
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Think of a student - or two - whose membership you might sponsor by paying the student's first year of FIND Network's membership dues.

A special way to reach out to graduates as well is to support their entry into FIND Network by sponsoring their first year membership dues.
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